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Slot Machine Review: Sweet Alchemy 100

Locate Sweet Alchemy 100 at any Play’n GO casino, sign up for a free spins bonus, and start playing right now, because you are in for a wonderful treat. In the follow-up to the popular slot Sweet Alchemy, players are introduced to Candy’s sisters, Apple, Berry, and Cherry, each of whom possesses unique abilities.

Cluster-Pays are used in Sweet Alchemy 100, a slot machine with a 5×5 grid and up to 25 symbols. Winning combinations require at least three identical symbols to appear on adjacent reels. The Witch Power, Trinity, and free spins are just a few of the many elements that make this slot very unpredictable. Let’s check out the slot if you’re up for seeing some genuine magic.

Settings and Payouts for Sweet Alchemy’s 100 Slot Machines

Sweet Alchemy 100 is set, very literally, in the clouds, much like its forerunner. On the right of the reels, one of the three witch sisters floats in midair, while on the left, the reel motion is displayed.

The “i” button, which opens the paytable, appears below the grid initially. Low-paying treats within include a green moon, a red heart, a blue donut, and a turquoise cube, with the highest combination awarding anywhere from 2x to 3x the wager. The three sisters are worth 10 times your wager for a full house, and the witches pay out 5 times your wager for a full house.

The Bet Configuration option allows you to alter the wager by any amount between $0.20 and $100, and is located to the right of the Balance display. Following the game’s main menu and the play/autoplay buttons comes the Bet window. Additional controls, such as the Speaker and Quickspin buttons, as well as the Balance, Bet, and Win displays, may be found at the bottom of the screen.

Mobile Slot Machine Featuring Sweet Alchemy 100

Play’n GO’s focus on mobile gaming is reflected in the company name. Therefore, Sweet Alchemy 100 is automatically compatible with any tablet or smartphone, independent of operating system. As long as your device has access to the internet, you can play Sweet Alchemy 100 anytime and anywhere you choose.

Free Sweet Alchemy Slot Machine Game Online

A chain reaction occurs whenever a winning combination is made, erasing the corresponding symbols from the playing field. The central void is filled with a wild, and a Win Multiplier is introduced, which grows with each fresh drop and resets after each spin. In addition to replacing ordinary symbols to form winning combinations, wilds can give a payment of up to 50 times the wager for the highest paying combination.

Clearing the grid awards a payout equal to 50 times the initial wager plus any further multipliers applied by the Win Multiplier. Except when the Trinity feature has been activated, this is always the case.

100 Free Spins and Bonuses on the Sweet Alchemy Slot Machine

When you spin the wheel and don’t win, one of the three witches will appear on the right side of the grid and offer her services. Cherry changes one set of symbols into another, whereas Apple eliminates two sets of symbols, and Berry adds one or two Wilds. If you keep on losing spins, the witches will exchange positions, but they will always appear in the same order: Cherry, Berry, and Apple.

To activate the Trinity function, the on-screen Power Meter must be filled to all three of its segments. To do this, you must first complete one section with a three-symbol win, then fill two segments with a four-symbol win, and then fill all segments with a five-symbol win. The three witches will cast their spells for one free spin, and the multiplier will be reset. If you clear the grid, you won’t get the 50x your bet payoff as you would in the main game; instead, you’ll get a bunch of free spins.

At the start of the bonus round, you can now select your chosen Witch Power. You get eight free spins with an Apple, five with a Berry, and four with a Cherry. All losing spins during the bonus will trigger the selected witch’s power, and the Win Multiplier from the Trinity feature will remain in effect. In order to reach 100x, it will not reset between spins. Also, if you manage to fill the meter, you’ll be rewarded with additional spins—two for Apple, four for Berry, and ten for Cherry, up to a hundred!

Optimal Bet, Top Payout, and Volatility for the Sweet Alchemy Slot Machine

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for this slot is between 96.2 and 96.4 percent, albeit the range varies by jurisdiction. Play’n GO’s volatility gauge gave it an 8 out of 10, therefore we can confidently call it very volatile. The highest possible reward is fifteen thousand times the initial wager.

If you’re willing to risk the maximum of $100 per spin, you’ll have the chance to win the game’s maximum of $1.5 million.

Final Thoughts on Sweet Alchemy 100 Slot Machine

There’s little doubt that Sweet Alchemy 100 is a slot machine you should try. It has the similar feel as Sweet Alchemy but with better gameplay and payoff possibilities, so it’s tempting to give it a shot. You won’t want to miss out on all the fun and benefits, so load it up right now at a top casino site if you’re a fan of anime-themed, candy-filled, good witch-inspired slots.






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